October 2016

Study update

At the start of october there have been 90 patients included in the COMFORT study.  As announced in the newsletter of  september extensive measurements were carried with the Bone Density Analyser in the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC). We would like to thank the Maastricht UMC for making the measurements possible. Please read below for more about these measurements.

Maastricht voor website

Measurements in Maastricht UMC 

Visit to Maastricht UMC:  A campaign to assess the absolute dielectric properties of human tissues intra-operatively. The measurements are done intra-operative to ensure the viability of human tissue during the measurement. This is a unique opportunity since the properties reported so far are from cadavers and ex-vivo measurements. This campaign helps the project in optimization of BMD analyzer with improved accuracy. BMD probe measurements were also done on patients freshly admitted to the wards following hip surgery. These  data collections enable us in understanding the variability of BMD data during the first week of rehabilitation where the changes in tissues  can be fast such as, in the case of  receding post-operative edema.