UMC Utrecht


Care, research and education are the three mainstays of UMC Utrecht. These mainstays are inextricably intertwined in our ongoing efforts to improve people’s health. Leading scientific research, groundbreaking innovation and collaboration with patients and other interested parties form the basis of our first-rate healthcare. UMC Utrecht is quick and eager to put improvements into practice. High-quality education guarantees the influx of new talent required to maintain and strengthen our position at the forefront of healthcare. With approximately 12,000 employees, the University Medical Center Utrecht is one of the largest public health care institutions in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the region.

UMC Utrecht is a leading international university medical center generating, testing, sharing, and applying knowledge on health, illness, and health care for the benefit of patients and society.

Role in the COMFORT Project

The UMC Utrecht played a major role in the development of SensiStep. UMC Utrecht is responsible for the coordination and execution of the multicenter study in the COMFORT project.


Marco Raaben and Taco Blokhuis