Evalan BV

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Evalan is a trusted telemetry partner of industrial companies and healthcare organizations. Our first experiences with telemetry systems date back to the early 1990’s, when telemetry systems first started to find large scale implementation in industry. Nowadays Evalan’s telemetry services, M2M solutions and IoT services reach 30 countries in 5 continents. Our services range from monitoring inventories and machine performance, to real time tracking of vital health parameters of patients.

In most cases we are responsible for the full scope of these services, from delivering the devices to managing the entire telemetry infrastructure. In some cases the service is delivered in cooperation with partner companies, but in each of those circumstances we manage the back-end system, the central application that is the heart of the telemetry operation.

Role in the COMFORT Project

Evalan will act as the project coordinator. Together withc UMC Utrecht, Evalan has developed the SensiStep system which will be used in the COMFORT project. Evalan will work on the development of the “smart operator”.


Henk Schwietert and Leon Derks